Dutique Solutions




We offer professional and technical courses to skill our workforce with latest and cutting edge knowledge areas and equip them better for industry and business.

Upcoming Events


Attend one of our industry-academia partnership events to learn more about the demands of the industry and generate an outlook on what skills to equip yourself with.

Learner's Journey


We don't make the people learn random skills and keep on hopping from one knowledge area to another. We analyse your educational background, your proficiency level, your personality traits and device a learner's journey for you. At the end of it, you find a beautiful career destination.

Graduate Programmes


We have collaborated the best of the colleges and institutes across the country and abroad. This way we help our aspirants reach to these flagship institutions and shape their education and career goals.

Industry Partnership


We have partnered with various industry players across various verticals like Banking, Insurance, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Electrical & Robotics. We help our aspirants get assimilated in these industry jobs.



If you have any questions, concerns, or problem areas to discuss, please visit our FAQ section. Thereafter you are encouraged to reach out to us for more expert discussion. We would love to assist you.